Thursday, August 15, 2013


Truth be told I cannot remember a time when I did not have memory problems. When it began it was sporadic at best. I use to blame it on constantly moving from place to place. It was hard to remember the little things or certain details. Now all that has changed. I have little or no memory of decades... Sometimes something will trigger a partial memory, like living in a particular place, or house, or maybe going to school somewhere. In my mind I know I was there I just cannot tell you when or why. There are occasions when an event triggers a memory. I can tell you where I was by what happened... 

I was in Pryor, Oklahoma when Elvis died, I remember girls crying. I was in Huntsville, Alabama when O.J. was acquitted, I remember certain people stopped working. I was in Fargo on 9/11, and Tulsa for the Murrow building.  I know these things happened but I just can't tell you when. It's also strange how my only memories are associated with tragedies.

It isn't all bad when it comes to memories. I can still piece the last fifteen years together and I have vivid recollection of the past five years. Then again this also may stem from a tragedy... The year 2008 is the year I lost my job due to an illness.  Actually it cost more than just my job, but that is another story. Also because of said illness I have been keeping what records I can, mostly hospital and banking. It's my way of preparing for the inevitable.